Company History

Company History

Corporate Background

  • 20-year legacy of serving more than 150 utilities
  • Headquartered in Coppell, Texas, production in Plano, TX.

Competitive Advantage

  • Proven cloud software platform
  • Award winning Cloud-based management and user portal system
  • Demonstrated capability to interface into complicated control systems via web services, API, various protocols
  • Unique Go to Market strategy that leverages Nighthawk Mesh and Mesh-Cellular™ Adaptiv™ Scalable AMI technology to provide the utility industries best ROI
  • Nighthawk's Solutions are incrementally deployable allowing utilities to build out their AMI system as budgets and resources allow

Nighthawk Recap

  • Cloud software and proprietary intelligent device manufacturer, including electric meters
  • Allied and technically integrated with the top two smart meter brands
  • Focus on improving existing infrastructure, serving new verticals
  • Worldwide business — currently active in United States, Canada, and Southeast Asia
  • Nighthawk devices in over 150 utilities