Adaptiv™ LINK Pa Commercial Meter

Adaptiv™ LINK Pa is an innovative, poly-phase smart meter designed to provide high accuracy and reliability in commercial and industrial applications.

LINK Pa is a revenue-grade meter design that unites the strength of the Aclara kV2c meter family with our Adaptiv™ scalable, self-healing, self-configuring mesh network. The Aclara kV2c meter family is one of the most widely accepted ANSI commercial and industrial meters, with over 2 million meters deployed.

This revenue-class solution provides real-time instrumentation, true power quality monitoring and accurate cost of service measurements—all without the need for network infrastructure. Ensure unprecedented value from your AMI system with LINK Pa's advanced outage and voltage monitoring, built-in redundancy, and exceptional accuracy.

Designed with built-in security and redundancy, LINK Pa is the solution that will grow with your business. The user-friendly Adaptiv™ platform is easy to install, simple to maintain and upgrade, and is designed to adapt to the needs of your business at any time.

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