Adaptiv™ LINK Xi-C Residential Meter + ERT

Adaptiv™ LINK Xi-C is a solid-state single-phase smart meter with available ERT support, designed to deliver unparalleled digital accuracy, reliability and serviceability to the utility market.

LINK Xi-C is an innovative smart meter platform that unites the strength of the Itron Centron II with our Adaptiv™ scalable, self-healing, self-configuring mesh network.

This ANSI C12.19 compliant smart meter comes with ERT support for SCM and SCM+ daily reads, supports advanced billing, prepay programs, and small commercial customers—all without the need for network infrastructure. Ensure unprecedented value from your AMI system with LINK Xi-C's advanced outage and voltage monitoring, built-in redundancy, and exceptional accuracy. 

Designed with built-in security and redundancy, LINK Xi-C is the solution that will grow with your business. Our user-friendly solution is easy to install, simple to maintain and upgrade, and the scalable Adaptiv™ platform is designed adapt to the needs of your business at any time.

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